Saturday, March 7, 2009

State of Being Woman

Today is March 8 and celebrated as International Women's Day around the World.I whole heartedly wish every women in this world on this day.The humankind evolved from woman and Lucy called as the mother of man is the serving proof for this fact.And the Gods who takes on the process of evolution,preservation and dissolution(Brahma,Vishnu & Shiva)are indeed controlled by Shakthi-The belief is that Shakthi is the mother of Gods and hence called as Adhi Sakthi. Incidentally Shakthi in English is ENERGY which prevails everywhere and forms the base for
the whole actions in the cosmos and inseperable constituent of everything.Einstein,with his famous equation,declared the importance of energy to this whole world.In this context,Shakthi-Energy,assigned to the woman form,indicates the importance and supremity of women.They are the one to be celebrated.They are the one to be respected.In every man's life women occupies important spaces in different forms.
Despite all these qualities the social rights they possess are still not to the extent they desrve.For centuries,they are stopped from enjoying their rights and treated as only objects giving pleasure to men.They are treated a step down from Men.It is always women are targeted whenever someone talks about cultural degradation.Recent Bangalore Pub attacks are one of such incidents.For centuries they are stopped from enjoying their rights and domestic voilence,sexual harrasments are more on them.
Let us together change these social and domestic inequalities and give them all their rights they deserve.Let us celebrate them.Let us respect them.Let us give them equal rights in this society and Let them come out of their unreasonable boundaries to explore.Wish them all the best.
"மாதர் தம்மை இழிவு செய்யும் மடமையை கொளுத்துவோம்"

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