Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

The planet we live in this universe is the only planet,atleast for now,which can support complex and complicated life systems.And we six sensed human beings have already destroyed its natural resources and now worrying about the way the globe is warming and hence the changes in the climate.We already ensured that we will not allow our future generations to enjoy this planet.Thanks to the human habitats.
Despite all these, few environmentalists who are studying the way the planet is changing its environment are crying and appealing to people to help the planet to survive.One such action is Earth Hour 2009.Please check the below link to know more about it(Please spare some time to read and understand what it is.If you are so busy that you could not even read the content...then **** off).Try to join it...Save Earth(Of course you dont have rights to destroy it...But stop exploiting it)
Link -

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