Friday, March 6, 2009

Desire or Destiny?

I have just watched this movie "SAMSARA" and have been thinking about this for the past couple of days..What controls my life?Desire or Destiny?If desire is what controls and decides my life then I presume that FREE WILL exists.But does it really exist?Can I do or get what I want?If yes,then destiny fails unless the destiny itself gives it to me.Otherwise,no place for destiny and no one than myself has control on my life.But apparently this seems to be false.There is something eternal which decides what I get and what I dont.Isn't it Destiny?

It looks to be so simple to conclude that Destiny is what controls my life.But a subtle view may raise many questions.To put it simple,if I intend to become an Astronomer and study for it hardly but ends up with no opportunities and so change my career owing to circumstances and become a successfull lecturer.May be at my old age,when I know I am going to die,I should convince myself that my destiny is to die as a lecturer.But what would have happened if I never gave up my desire to become an astronomer and strived for it.Probabilities are,I would have became an astronomer or never became so and died as an ordinary man(not becoming a lecturer).My life would have been totally different and here it seems desires has a significant control over destiny.And to an extent,desire decides destiny.

Simultaneously I can argue like this too.My desire to give up becoming an astronomer and become a lecturer is itself my Destiny.In simple,that I should give up my desire and pursuea different career is itself the Destiny.In this sense,Destiny clearly takes entire control over desire.
Destiny being eternal is really hard to interpret the absolute meaning of this term.Since desire arises inside me,from my mind it becomes easier for me to percieve it.And hence I am trying to conclude that Destiny has control over Desire.


Janaaaa said...

Destiny drives ur Desire. There is a difference between driving and controlling. And i hope u know it.
If u truly desire to be an astronomer, that means ur destiny is to become one. If not in this birth, then in the next. U just have to take out the factor 'Time' from ur thought process.
Now, Why not in this birth?
Tats bcoz u are not ready yet for that purpose.
Or u are put in waiting coz u need a bigger team to attain that purpose and they are not ready it.
As u said, If u become a Lecturer, then it means u are creating ur team.

PS: You will take birth again and again till u reach ur destiny and fulfill the purpose.

Sankar said...

But I do not see much difference between driving and controlling.Driving is a way of Controlling!!!And again taking Time out of my thought process is something which i cannot agree.Because "I" exist only because of Time.Time is the one which always exist irrespective of forms.But we could perceive it only lineraly...My Past,Present and Future exista simultaneously.But I cannot perceive it on a whole.Time is eternal..
And I also would like to know what exactly you mean by a Team?

Janaaaa said...

hmmm... It was just my opinion. You are most welcome to disagree. :)
By the term 'Team', I just meant 'group of people'.
Say, ur purpose is to explore another galaxy. and there are 7 others destined to be in that exploration. Now, u have attained some consciousness and hence started striving hard to become an astronomer. But the remaining 7 are not ready yet and they still are ignorant. Tats y, ur route is diverted to a lecturer life. A lecturer is by far the best inspirer. By instilling your thoughts in your students, you start lifting them from ignorance. The process continues till all of them are truly ready. ;)
PS: These are just my thoughts and don’t have any base to support. But you can find bits and pieces of the same information in fiction books and sci-fi movies!!!

Sankar said...

You points are so valid.But again,what I wanted to know exactly is...If that group of people are still ignorant and not ready to become astronomer and explore another galaxy..Is that their Destiny?Or if they work hard towards their desire...Will they be able to acheive it?Can really desire take over destiny?

Janaaaa said...

Not really. Desire can never take "over" Destiny.
There is a start point and an end point. There are huge number of routes through which one can reach the end point.
Destiny -> Your end point is fixed and cant be changed.
Desire -> If you really desire, then you will be choosing the best of all the routes.

What factor makes a route best? Shortest route cant be tagged as the best one. Coz, in my theory, TIME has the least importance.
The best route should be the one in which you are able to make impact (+/-) on most number of lives.

Sankar said...

I presume Destiny as not the end point.Rather it is the whole route itself....