Sunday, May 17, 2009

An Experiment With Time

The most complex concept which still has not been percieved and explained precisely by the human species is "TIME".Philospohers',Physicist's and Relegious perspectives about TIME are different and every arguments has their own proofs.TIME can be absolute,eternal or cannot even exist by itself...However,I was struck by another new theory about TIME when I watched the film "Irreversible" by which I was introduced to this theory proposed by an English Physicist - JW Dunne during early 19th century(don't exactly remember the TIME).This theory is more convincing to me and I am inclined towards it.
Theory - TIME is eternal and it does not exists linearly as we percieve.It is simultaneous though a human mind can percive it only in a linear way...Past,Present and Future.
To me,this theory supports the fact DESTINY and can serve as steps for relegious theories about TIME.Though the theory is hard to believe,it is actually amazing to percieve TIME in this,My future has already happened and my past is still happening..Amazing to think this way.
The best example by which this theory can be explained is to the analogy of a book reading.At any given time,I can read only a page of the book.But the Book exists as a whole though I cannot read all the pages of the book at the same time.In the same way,my life in TIME exists as a whole though I can percieve it only in a linear way....A second after second.This amazing(to me it is confusing in a way)thought proposed by Dunne had a very critical response.I am in search of this book indeed and I presume it could teach me more about TIME.


Janaaaa said...

A very good topic to discuss. Scientifically speaking, TIME can't exist alone. It can have no meaning as a separate entity. This is discovered very late after Einstein proposed the Relativity theory. But the same concept has been told long before and is still followed in Hinduism. Yes!!! TIME coupled with SPACE - SPACE-TIME. You can still see this in hindu marriage invitations and horoscopes.
'Space' can always be curved but you have the power to inc/dec the curvature. So, I agree that 'life' can be considered as a book. But there is only the first and last chapter printed. Remaining are just blank pages upto you to fill... :)

Sankar said...

I always had a good view for Einstein's Relativity Theory.But,for some reasons,I don't completely agree with his Space-Time theory.But I would love to know more about this Space-Time followed in Hindu Marriage Invitations...Please explain.
And scientifically speaking,I guess,Einstein proposed the curvature of Space-Time sheet and it is not space alone...Correct me if I am wrong.And also I am still believing that all pages in my book are already printed.And Time is not a flow of stream.When you are a participant in the event,you will have a perception of Time flow.If you are outside the Time itself(possibly if you could travel with the speed of light),then you may perceive Time as a whole,eternal.