Monday, February 22, 2010

The Problems of Human Relationship

I am intending to present a lecture by J.Krishnsmurthy about The Problems of Human Relationship in this blog.This video lecture held on 21/02/2010 at Vasantha Vishar,Adyar.Though I feel I cannot bring out the exact ideas proposed and argued by JK,I shall try to do this as precisely as possible.
This lecture actually happened in California during 1983 in an University.JK comes and sit under a tree on a breezy morning(what a place and time for a lecture?)From the first minute,he ascertains that this lecture is not a propoganda/neither "for" nor "against" any relegious,philosophical,social,political ideologies/and more importantly the speaker in no way tries to convince the listener towards any conclusions.He means this lecture is a journey together.And he says this is a far journey and so it has to be started,from within us(how contradictory words forms a subtle meaning?).And he also wants the listener to carry easier things to travel far.
He starts analyzing the world we live in.The humans live in this world full of war,problems,povertry,sufferings etc...Every human in this world lives in a state of fear.He is not happy.And JK argues this from the point of unbound humanity.Humaity exists with limitations in the names of patriotism,relegion,social & political identity.He argues for a humanity without any geogrophical,relegious,social boundaries.If these limitations and ideologies of different relegion,political systems relly does exists,he argues,why the humanity still suffers?He argues that no relegion or its ideologies are really sacred.Whether it be Gita,Quaran,Bible...Neither the political philosophies.Everything has failed..Socialism,Communism,Marxism,Democracy etc....So,the first point he implies....An Unlimited/Unbound Humankind
From here he enters into the reasons for the sufferings and he argues the importance of Thought.He says,"A human is a bundle of memories".And he asks the listner to analyze this."Dont accept it,Dont deny it.Analyze it"he says.Then he differentiates thinker and thought.A thinker thinks and this thought is a product of memories which inturn are bundled because of knowledge(experience).So a disorderly thought is the problem for the humans(human relationships which is the cause of all the humanity's sufferings).So,the next point he implies....A disorderly thought.
Then the ways of ordering this thought.He argues since these thought are the results of memories,we,humans create images/assumptions with everyone we relate based on our previous experiences(knowledge) with them(How important memories are?).So the memories with my sister/brother/friend helps me to carry my relationship's pleasures and pains with them.This he argues as limitations(As an unending circle it goes to the place of start).
Then he asks..."What is the actual fact of relationship?Can there be a relationship without limitations(without "me" and "you".without a knowledge of "self")?

Now...Can we argue on this?
Please analyze and argue.....

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