Friday, January 8, 2010

Body,Mind and Soul

I had a serious thought about this three components of a human - Body,Mind and Soul.Though only the existence of body can be ascertained,existence of mind could still be significantly explained with the help of brain which controls the senses.It is because the body is material,it is subject to space and time and hence has a defined structure.Though mind is immaterial,it could easily be explained(or at least believed to be explained)with the help of brain.The concepts of mind to me is more complex since it constitutes memory,thoughts,senses and many more.The entire structure of mind is more complex.Since this is not the thought that struck me I do not want to discuss as this as the subject matter.

Presuming soul does exists(i mean soul here by a vast energy/subconscious mind and i do not exactly mean it in a religious way),I am trying to argue what prevents it to stop the brain building an egoistic center,"I".Any human asked to identify himself will identify his body which is sensed by the brain.I think the humanity took a wrong turn centuries ago by identifying the body and building a body centered ego called "I" then dividing his self from others.

My Questions:
But what could have made this brain to do this?
If soul exists(I am pessimistic here)why did this allow mind to take the entire process of thinking?
Does this mean that soul is inferior to mind(even if it exists)?

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